GAP Kayunga

Grace Africa Project (Registered NGO)

Objectives: Educational

Grace Project International Preschool supports Kayunga Project with a small percentage from its annual profit proceeds.
Kayunga Project is a charity community project which is going to educate 150 preschoolers, 500 Primary School Pupils, 500 Secondary School Students and 100 Vocational Trainees at every academic year at a very minimum/ low cost.

The project will have some rescue homes for abandoned children.[1] Rescue homes for abandoned children[2] Preschool[3] Primary school[4] Secondary school[5] Vocational school



GAP Kayunga

GAP Kayunga


Seated on seven (7) acres.

Would Like To Support?

Among others,  the project will have some rescue homes for abandoned children, a Preschool,  Primary school, Secondary school and a Vocational school. We will be happy to work with you.

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