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Grace Project International Preschool and Daycare is a blissful home for children.

It has an intentional standard set up made available to counter the lack of solid basic education for children in Africa.

We draw our educational concepts, teaching philosophies and teachings materials from nations with a high record of success in children’s education such as USA and South Korea. We advocate an attractive form of learning where our students learn through playing.

Most of our academic concepts are implied in a vast of activities we provide in the curriculum.

Our spacious classrooms and outdoor playground are also designed to offer the best and safe learning environment for a child.

To provide a solid Educational foundation and support the growth of the whole child from emotional, social, physical, and cognitive domains to ensure the development of strong, confident, life-long learners.

To create and provide a safe learning environment for children.

Fulltime students: 8am-5:30pm
Half day students: 8am-5:30pm

Our vacations are in June and December respectively. Please look into our calendar on the calendar tab to be able to stay in updated about the all school activities and vacation time.

We have three age group classes organized as follows:
2-3 years Step 1-Play group
3-4 years Step 2-Pre-school
4-5 years Step 3-Pre-Primary


Parents Handbook

Feel free to download or printout this handbook. We have made a printable PDF copy that you can easily get a copy on your computer or smartphone off this website.

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